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Payments as low as $40 a month with 0% Interest

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Light Up Your Home with Ease

You can control every light on your home from the palm of your hand, brightening up your surroundings, setting the perfect mood, and enhancing security. All with just a few taps on your smartphone, you’re in control.

Amazing Features

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Remote Control

Control your house lighting remotely. This includes turning on/off lights, adjusting brightness, and changing colors.


You can program light schedules to turn on at sunset and turn off at a specific time, create schedules for weekdays and weekends, or set up vacation mode.


With geofencing technology, the lights can automatically turn on as the user approaches the house or turn off as they leave, saving energy and making the home more secure.

Integration with Assistants

Compatible with popular smart assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri. Users will be able to control the lights with their voice.

Energy Monitoring

By monitoring energy consumption in real time, users can make better energy-efficient choices by tracking and managing their energy usage.


Lighting scenes and presets can be customized to create different ambiances for different occasions, such as "relaxation," "party," and "movie night."

Unlock a World of Customization

It’s the lighting you’ve been looking for – a simple, one-tap solution that transforms any space
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All-season Permanent lights for year round festive glow

Our Lights have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours

No more ladders! Set it and forget it with timers that are adaptive to the seasons

Piece of mind with our industry leading Lifetime Warranty

Festive AND practical with nightly architerctural or security settings Each of our bulbs have dedicated white LED's giving you your choice of warm, soft, or cold whites

Colors and patterns for every season or event with our easy to use app!

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